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Eta Tau won the Katherine Becker National Collegiate Chapter Achievement Award for last year!!! Our Province Officer surprised us with the good news last night during our Official Visit.

We are so thrilled to be selected for this prestigious honor! Last year, we completed many, many projects under the guidance of our president, Allyson. The included holding a professional clothing drive for underprivileged women, holding a department and community wide canned food drive, performing a joint musicale with the Xi Epsilon chapter of Phi Mu Alpha, doing yard work for community members, serving tea at a music department fundraiser, awarding scholarships to first-year music majors at Shepherd and students in the Preparatory Division, hosting the regional Solo and Ensemble Festival, hosting Province Day, and so much more!

The Collegiate Chapter Achievement Award is given annually to chapters whose officers and members have achieved distinction in fulfilling the following criteria:

  • The National Objectives
  • Completion of the chapter’s local obligations: financial good standing, good relationships with chapter advisors and school officials, good relationships with patroness members and alumnae members, development and/or implementation of school and/or community music projects, participation in Province Day activities.
  • Completion of the chapter’s national obligations: financial good standing, good relationships with province and national officers by submitting all required and especially requested reports on time, and support of national projects through participation and financial contributions. - Chapter Procedures Manual, p. 14-8. 
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